Being an expert in those technologies only implies that I am a person who is willing to learn. Those technologies are rapidly changed and software engineers shall pick up the latest technology or die.

What should qualify me as a good Software Developer ? a good planner , willingness to learn new technologies, enthusiasm – innovative , and a good communicator. Having a good software engineer with an additional role as a Software Architect (Project Planner) in a team, will be a blessing for the whole teams and company.

I firmly believe the importance of planning to improve software Quality. Quality assurance can only come from the developers, not the testing department. Testing is about negative assurance, which is only a statement that “I don’t see anything wrong”; it doesn’t mean that everything is correct, just that they can’t find a problem. Positive assurance which is guaranteeing that the code will execute down the correct pathways and only the developer can do that. It takes less time to plan code and write it correctly than it takes to debug complex pathways.   It takes less time to plan code and write it correctly than it takes to debug complex pathways.

I realize that half of software quality issues are caused by misunderstanding the requirement,  missing requirement, and missing pathways. All these issues are related to communication within the team, product, tester team, management, etc.

If we want to improve communication and planning is not one person task, we need a whole organization to improve the way to communicate with others. That’s the why many organizations are adopting SCRUM methodology. I’ve been working with some organizations, in their lip they said they are using SCRUM, but actually they didn’t. Top to down command,  with limited time frame to deliver a project doesn’t mean  SCRUM.

Nothing is perfect in this world, but there are ways to make perfect. Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence


About Quality:


  • Joint application design can raise productivity by 15.5% and quality by 21.4%
  • Requirement inspections can raise productivity by 18.2% and quality by 27.0%
  • Formal requirements analysis can raise productivity by 16.3% and quality by 23.2%

Design Solutions

  • Formal architecture for large applications can raise productivity by 15.7% and quality by 21.8%

Code Solution

  • PSP can raise productivity by 21.2% and quality by 31.2%
  • Pair Programming can raise productivity by 2.7% and quality by 4.5%
  • Automated cyclomatic complexity analysis can raise productivity by 14.5% and quality by 19.5%


  • Code inspections can raise productivity by 20.8% and quality by 30.8%


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