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No selenium server jar at the specific location

End to end testing with protractor is very important for developers doing BDD or TDD and using Angular
To install protractor there is a common error encountered of “Warning: there’s no selenium server jar at the specified location“.
Though there are several solutions online, and some include you specifying the selenium jar folder in your protractor configuration file, I disagree with this solution because if you are in a team and have other developers contributing to the project, this solution may not work on their machine
So the solution that I did that fixed this was that, instead of running
webdriver-manager update
as specified in protractor site, you should run this command instead
./node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update
This would update the webdriver that your app is using
and voila, the error should be gone, and you should see a selenium folder in the protractor folder in your app
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