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Mobile Device Security



  • Root (connected to PC): Dr.Fone – Root, Kingo, SRSRoot,Root Genius, iRoot
  • Root (App): SuperSU Pro Root App, Superuser Root App,Superuser X [L] Root App


  • zANTI is an easy to use penetration testing and a security analysis toolkit.
  • Tealium Charles Proxy , proxy server for android


  • Jailbreak (online): Hexxa Plus ,
  • Jailbreak (connected to PC) Unc0ver, pangu Jail break, Checkra1n, Virtual Jailbreak,Hardware Jailbreak


class-dump is a command-line utility for examining the Objective-C runtime information stored in Mach-O files. It generates declarations for the classes, categories and protocols. This is the same information provided by using ‘otool -ov’, but presented as normal Objective-C declarations, so it is much more compact and readable.

ipash ME (Micro Edition) – the missing command line shell for iPhone! Manage your iPhone and files from command

Keychain is the password management system in macOS, developed by Apple. 

IDA Pro is a disassembler, debugger, interactive. It is a piece of software used to translate machine code into a human readable format called assembly language. It is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS

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