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Popular Programming Languages


With over 300 standardized coding languages, where do you start? The programming languages you learn will depend on your career goals. Here are a handful of the most popular programming languages and how they’re used most often.


C is a general-purpose coding language, originally created for Unix systems. It’s commonly used in cross-platform systems, Unix coding and game coding. It’s often selected because it’s more compact than C++ and runs faster.  It’s the second most common programming language following Java. C is the grandfather of many other coding languages including C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Python.


C++ is an intermediate-level coding language that is object-oriented. It derives from C, however, it has add-ons and enhancements to make it a more multifaceted coding language. It’s well suited to large projects, as it can be broken up into parts enabling easy collaboration. It’s used by some of the world’s best-known tech companies including Adobe, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft.


Like most of the coding languages on this list, it derives from C. It’s a general purpose, high-level code that has an added message-passing function. It’s known for being the coding language of choice for Apple’s OS X and iOS apps until it was replaced by Swift.


Java is currently the most popular and widely used language in the world. Though it was originally created for interactive TV, it’s become known as the language of choice for Android devices. It’s also the coding language of choice enterprise-level software. It’s a good multi-purpose coding language because it can be used cross-platform (meaning it’s just as easily used on smartphone apps as on desktop apps). It resembles C++ in syntax and structure making it easy to pick up if you know C languages already.


JavaScript was created as an add-on code to extend the functionality of web pages. It adds dynamic features such as submission forms, interactivity, animations, user-tracking, etc. It’s mostly used for front-end development, or for coding solutions that customers and clients interact with. It’s compatible with all browsers, making it a good general-purpose web development code, though it’s also known to be difficult to debug.

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