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Bash Associative Array Cheat Sheet

Indexed Arrays

Unlike hashes indexed arrays require no declaration

# Assigning a fixed list
arr=("string 1", "string 2", "string 3")

# Assigning with indizes, allows sparse lists
arr=([1]="string 1", [2]="string 2", [4]="string 4")

# Adding single elements by index
arr[4]="string 4"

Check below under “Hashes” for accessing the different properties of an array.


Can be used since Bash v4

# Hashes need declaration!
declare -A arr

# Assigning values to associative arrays
arr[my key]="my value"
arr["my key"]="my value"
arr[$my_key]="my value"

# Fetching values
echo ${arr[my key]}
echo ${arr["my key"]}
echo ${arr[$my_key]}

# Accessing the array
${arr[@]}         # Returns all indizes and their items (doesn't work with associative arrays)
${arr[*]}         # Returns all items
${!arr[*]}        # Returns all indizes
${#arr[*]}        # Number elements
${#arr[$n]}       # Length of $nth item

# Pushing to array
arr+=("new string value", "another new value")

Iterating Hashes

# Print = lines...
for k in "${!array[@]}"
  printf "%s\n" "$k=${array[$k]}"


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