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Gradle Cheatsheet

Command Cheatsheet

  • Convert Maven build to gradle

    gradle init

  • Initialise new project folder structure (Java example)

    gradle init --type java-library

  • List all projects in the build

    gradle -q projects

  • List all properties on the build

gradle -q properties

  • List build configuration model

    gradle -q model

  • Execute one integration test:

    ./gradlew integrationTest --tests=*SomeTestClass

  • Execute tasks parallel:

    ./gradlew clean build --parallel

  • Skip test:

    gradle build -x test

  • Include console and logging output for container code and tests

    gradle functionalTest --info

  • Run application tests with debugger agent

    gradle test --debug-jvm

  • Refresh dependencies

    ./gradlew clean build --refresh-dependencies

  • View dependencies for specific jar (and configuration)

    gradle my-sub-project:dependencyInsight --configuration testCompile --dependency hamcrest-core

  • Run in custom environment

Configuration Cheatsheet

  • Better logging in tests:
test {
    testLogging {
        exceptionFormat = 'full'


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