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Dev-Misc Cheat Sheet


  • JSON Linting
    python -mjson.tool input.json
  • iotrack: LD_PRELOAD based I/O tracking
  • Linux Debugging Techniques: DeveloperWorks article on many debugging tools: MEMWATCH, YAMD, electric fence, gdb, kgdb, kdb
  • Google Address Sanitizer (Asan) for GCC 4.8+ and LLVM
  • cppcheck – static code analysis
  • ELF Inspection
    readelf -l <binary
  • kcachegrind: callgrind visualization
  • Object Dumping
    objdump -t <object file>   # print symbols table
    objdump -dS <object file>  # print assembly along source lines
  • Fedora – Crash Tracker
  • Ubuntu – Crash Tracker
  • Java – Debugging Flags
    J-Xdebug -J-Xnoagent -J-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=9876
  • Gearman – Jobserver


Test Frameworks

Low-level C test frameworks:

  • Glib Testing
  • lcov – GCC based test coverage metrics:
    apt-get install lcov
    CLAGS=--coverage ./configure
    # Run tests
    lcov --capture --directory <project-dir> --output-file
    genhtml --output-directory out
  • Ruby rspec – Launch tests
    # There are a lot of rspec launch variants:
    rspec <path to .rb spec file>
    rspec <path to directory>
    bundle exec rspec <path to .rb spec file>




  • Pretty-print XML:
    xmllint --format my.xml
  • XPath on the command line
    # Print subtree of tag 'sometag'
    xmllint --xpath "//sometag" data.xml
    # Match an attribute 'someattr' of 'sometag' to have literal 'string'
    xmllint --xpath "//sometag[contains(@someattr, 'string')" data.xml

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