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How to use this Board?
I’ve created Instruction (1), which is to think and choose how will that decision impact you. Not every decision has the equal weightage to each section. In fact, I don’t think it should. I used to have this Pros and Cons sheet, then I realize it’s hard because not every statement carries the same level of importance. Even if the Pros statement are much more, it doesn’t seem right.

In this board, the four sections are Internal Values, Logical Explanation, Consideration of Others and Sustainability. This is a modification of Carl Jung Typology Functions theory – decision-making functions. The point is to choose the top two sections to consider.

Basic Decision Making Tool

For example,

I’m with a bunch of friends. They ask me to decide if driving out to eat at a particular restaurant was okay.
– I would probably choose Considerations of Others and Logical Explanation to begin with. First, I want to make sure everyone in the group is happy. Then, I want to make sure that place is convenient to travel to and also have good reputation.

I’ve been tired and unhappy for the longest. Should I quit my job?
– I would probably choose Sustainability and Internal Values. Not having a job is not a fun thing to me because I don’t have much to survive on. I need to know how comfortable I am and how will it impact my life. Internal Values is also important for me personally. I will evaluate whether it will make me a better person.

Here’s a sample.

Sample Decision-Making
Sample Decision-Making

Since this is a basic sheet (I’m trying to come up with a complicated sheet), you have to answer Yes or No quickly. No dwelling. No thinking hard. I think the pattern should be quite apparent once you see whether you circle more Yes or No.

Note that this is very basic. I hope you are not using it to make a decision about “Should I marry this guy or girl?”


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