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Atom cheatsheet


⌘\ Toggle tree
⌘⇧\ Reveal current file


⌘/ Toggle comments


⌘k  Split pane to the left
⌘⌥= Grow pane
⌘⌥- Shrink pane
^⇧← Move tab to left

Bracket matcher

^m Go to matching bracket
^] Remove brackets from selection
^⌘m Select inside brackets
⌥⌘. Close tag

Symbols view

^⌥↓ Jump to declaration under cursor
^⇧r Show tags

Symbols view enables Ctags support for Atom.

See: Symbols view


^⇧9 Show Git pane
^⇧8 Show GitHub pane


⌘d Select word
⌘l Select line
⌘↓ Move line down
⌘↑ Move line up
⌘⏎ New line below
⌘⇧⏎ New line above
⌘⇧k Delete line
⌘⇧d Duplicate line


⌘⇧p Command palette
⌘⇧a Add project folder
⌘n New file
⌘⇧n New window
⌘f Find in file
⌘⇧f Find in project
⌘t Search files in project


  • For Windows and Linux,  is the Control key.
  • For macOS, it’s the Command key.

  • For Windows and Linux,  is the Alt key.
  • For macOS, it’s the Option key.

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