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GWT or Angular 2

The best answer to this could be, if you’re more into Java then choose GWT if you’re more into Javascript then choose Angular 2 (or whatever Angular version).

Choosing framework and tools mainly is based on which framework can help you bring a project to life (and for the most part, the fastest possible time)

We have Angular based apps that we’ve migrated to GWT, since when we build apps with Angular we were experimenting, and although it worked we are not able to to maintain it in the long run—so this is answers again the question for “when”, in our case GWT will be always better fit than Angular 2, but that will be different for other developers or teams.

Anyway, framework-wise, GWT is really a efficient compiler and framework that most of the time can allow you to build apps with fewer head count.

GWT is Java-based, so by nature it is Type-safe, it is a compile so your output is not only obfuscated but also optimized, runs faster than hand-written Javascript codes. If you pair GWT with complementary frameworks like Errai, you can build HTML-based templated web or mobile application using existing HTML, CSS UI. Errai also brings a “used to be server side technology” to the browser, namely CDI, like Observers which will allow you to build “reactive” applications.

GWT is a solid framework with solid support from many developers, join here to learn more: gwtproject/gwt

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