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How to sort a List of Bean in java

Let say we have a List object declared as the following:

class Bean {

private String name;

private Integer identityNo;

public String getName() {

return name;


public void setName(String name) { = name;


public Integer getIdentityNo() {

return identityNo;


public void setIdentityNo(Integer identityNo) {

this.identityNo = identityNo;



and then in the main class we have:

List<Bean> listBean = new ArrayList<Bean>();

How do we sort listBean ?

There are 2 ways to sort listBean using a standard Java library:

1. Implements Comparable in the class Bean and then call Collections.sort :

class Bean implements Comparable<Bean> {


public int compareTo(Bean otherObject) {

return getIdentityNo().compareTo(otherObject.getIdentityNo());




2. Using Collection only:

Collections.sort(listBean, new Comparator<Bean>() {


public int compare(Bean b1, Bean b2)


return b1.getIdentityNo().compareTo(b2.getIdentityNo());



Personally I would prefer to use the 2nd method.

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