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Sketchup – An Easy way to design your house

After comparing a few 3d modelling software, i decided to use sketchup to design my apartment.


the Application is Simple to use for beginner, easy to learn, and has thousands of  3d model library.


doesn’t support lighting and shadow, but there are  3rd party  plugins that enable this feature.(irendering)

I am very satisfied using sketchup, now i am able to generate a 3d rendering similar to those interior designers created

Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14_tv_console Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14_scandi_guest Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14_master_bathroom_2 Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14_kitchen Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14_bathroom Woodlands-Drive-50_v_dream4_v14

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